Which TV Streaming Service is Best for You?

The technological era has come a long way in terms of its prowess, giving everyone a better method of procuring entertainment. As attached as are to cable television, there are some drawbacks to the traditional way cable has been provided. But all of that has changed with the introduction of online streaming websites. No longer are we chained in front of our television sets. No longer are we limited in cable entertainment by the traditional cable providing services. Better still, no longer are we forced to invest hundreds of dollars just to catch up on older shows no longer running on cable networks.

In this modern era, it’s not so lucky a thing to be a traditional cable TV provider. Online streaming services have given those companies a run for their money. With the inception of services like Netflix and Hulu, traditional cable companies have been forced to up their game in order to remain competitors in this fast moving world. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of streaming online instead of cable is the amount of options now presented—and all at affordable prices.

Netflix – $9.99/month

Standing at the front of the online streaming world is Netflix, the progenitor of this alternative form of entertainment. Netflix’s inception helped mold and shape the world of online streaming as we know, and lucky for us it did. Geared towards assisting customers with easy to use interfaces and a simple navigation page, Netflix has shifted its focus to the needs and wants of the customers. With that in mind, Netflix also provides a wide variety of Hollywood movies, cable network television shows, and original content, including long-running television shows, like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, and hosts a wide variety of original comedy shows, as well.

Netflix provides all of this, and without commercial interruptions before, during or after your video. That means no more listening to another cat food commercial—especially when you don’t even have a cat.

Hulu – $7.99/month

Like Netflix, Hulu is an online streaming website, with plans starting at just under 8 bucks a month, making it one of the even more affordable options for online streamers. Unlike Netflix and Amazon, Hulu has access to current cable television shows, allowing you all the benefits of having cable television, without the pricey bill at the end of each month.

As has become the standard with online streaming services, Hulu also produces its own original content, coming in the forms of Difficult People and Casual. In addition to its own content, Hulu also helps to provide accessibility to cable television shows that have been cancelled from their original networks, like Fox’s hit show, The Mindy Project.

Hulu’s basic plan, while cheaper than Netflix, is supported primarily through the use of ads and commercials, meaning occasionally, your video will be stopped to load one either at the beginning, middle or end of your video. Understanding the needs of their customers, Hulu recently added a non-commercial tier to their list of available services, starting at just at under 12 bucks a month.

Amazon Prime Instant Video – $99/year

You know Amazon as an online marketplace, home to everything you’ve ever wanted, needed or thought impossible. But did you also know that Amazon has a streaming service, as well? If you’re an avid online shopper and streamer, look no further than Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Customers who already use Amazon Prime are privy to an insane amount of amazing benefits. When you bundle Amazon Prime with the Instant Video service, you’ll gain access to free two-day shipping, and unlimited to access to Amazon Music.

Like many other online streaming services, Amazon Prime Instant Video has produced much of its own original content, including shows like Alpha House, Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle. In addition to its own content, the service provides unlimited access to a substantial HBO collection, full of classic television fan favorites (think The Sopranos and The Wire). As Amazon works in tandem with Viacom, the service has an even greater collection of comedies and children’s television programming, making Amazon Prime among the best choices for family-oriented customers.

One of the major drawbacks to Amazon prime Instant Video, however, would ultimately be its lack of a monthly paid subscription. Instead of offering customers the full benefits of Amazon Prime with a monthly subscription, the service is designed to be used in annual quantities. At just under 100 bucks a year, the full service comes in at $8.25, making it an excellent alternative to cable television.

HBO Now – $14.99/month

With the inception and general love for online streaming services, it’s become quite a difficult task to be only a cable service option. Perhaps that’s why HBO decided to become the first cable network to break away from the traditional mold and host its own online streaming services in the form of HBO Now. Unlike its non-linear predecessor HBO Go, this newest service is an online-only option that doesn’t require customers have traditional cable services.

HBO Now offers same day streaming of your favorite HBO shows (including Game of Throne, Veep and True Detective), allowing you to stay caught up and not overhear spoilers at work. Additionally, HBO Now gives customers unlimited access to everything already available on HBO Go, allowing users to stream a wide variety of premium shows, at a fraction of traditional cable.

Of course, having unlimited access to only HBO’s digital library is perhaps its glaring downfall. While few other streaming services have such a broad access to HBO’s content, HBO Now only has access to this content, and little else. as compared to other streaming services, specifically Hulu (which offers over 10,000 titles) and Amazon Prime (which offers twice that, at over 20,000 titles), HBO Now is severely lacking in content, with only 2000 titles.

Sling TV – $20/month

Cable television seems to have a lot of advantages over many streaming services, ultimately by giving you more channels than you’ll ever be able to watch. That said, of course, it’s oftentimes an overwhelming financial burden when, in all reality, you tend to watch a handful of channels. Luckily, another television alternative exists, and it’s called Sling TV.

The benefit of Sling TV is its close resemblance to traditional cable networking. As such, it gives customers that same feel of traditional cable, but at a fraction of the price, but with the same ability to pick and choose channels however you’d like. By limiting the number of channels available, customers won’t feel overwhelmed and like they’re wasting money.

By offering channels such as CNN, ESPN and Cartoon Network, Sling TV gives customers a pleasant alternative to cable that might otherwise be inaccessible (especially without use of a satellite dish or cable box).

However, at 20 bucks a month, Sling TV is by far one of the more expensive alternative cable services customers can invest in, but it’s still miles below the cost of traditional cable television services. While that in itself might not be a deterrent factor, bear in mind that Sling TV doesn’t support the use of multiple devices to access the service, leaving larger families high and dry.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, you’re the expert when it comes to determining your online streaming needs. Does having two-day shipping appeal to the inner online shopaholic in you? Is premium cable content all you need to complement your streaming experience? Are you looking for original television shows with interesting characters? When you answer those questions, you’ll know exactly what you want from a TV streaming service.

Just be sure to get exactly what you, and nothing less.

Time Warner Cable TV Deals in New York City

Do you live in New York City? Have you ever tried to just sit back and enjoy a show you really want to see in the middle of a storm with a satellite dish? If you have, you probably know that it wasn’t very relaxing or enjoyable at all. You are paying for the television you are receiving, shouldn’t you be able to access it whenever you want to? Aside from that, there are not a lot of other things to enjoy on a rainy day when you can’t go and do anything outside. 

You won’t have to be concerned with rainstorms ever again if you choose digital cable from Time Warner Cable NYC. Digital cable won’t be disrupted due to interference in a storm, so no matter what time of day or night, rain or shine, you can watch whatever television programming you love.

Best prices Time Warner Cable NYC

There are a lot of other hassles which come along with having a satellite dish. When you pick satellite TV you have to buy or rent a satellite dish, and on top of that you have to keep it maintained. That is extra money out of your pocket that you wouldn’t have to spend with digital TV. Aside from that it can be quite an ordeal making sure that it is pointed in the right direction and there are no trees or buildings keeping you from receiving signal. 

Who wants to put up with all of that? On top of it all satellite dishes definitely aren’t the most attractive thing to stick on your home. With Time Warner Cable in The Big Apple you don’t ever have to mess with a satellite dish, pay for one, maintain it, or any of the other time-consuming tasks involved with owning or renting one. All you have to do is enjoy your favorite television shows, movies, and sports. Just hop over to this website to find the current deals for Time Warner Cable TV in NYC.

Enjoying TV has never been so easy with TWC NYC and their host of television technology and programming choices. You will have easy access to Enhanced TV, On Demand, Pay Per View, and more, along with an optional Digital Video Recorder or DVR and HDTV programming. With so many great features to enhance and expand your entertainment experience, no one in your household will ever have to suffer a bored moment again.


The programming packages brought to you through Time Warner Cable are carefully selected with the hottest and most popular networks on television, the ones you want to see most. Each television package is packed full of plenty of choices, offering you a great value. Every individual, family, and household is different, which is why they offer a great selection of options so that you can pick the one which best meets all of your needs and desires.

Time Warner Cable is also one of the easiest and best ways to receive Home Phone and high-speed Internet services. They cater to all of your entertainment and communication needs within the home. Plus, when you bundle with Time Warner Cable you will save money, consolidate payments, and save time too.

With the Time Warner Cable WiFi Finder app you can utilize Mobile Internet when you aren’t home. Connect your laptop or other devices to high-speed Internet just about anywhere you are. This will enable you to work or do school online, surf the web, stay in touch with friends, or just about anything else you would do at home—only you can now accomplish the same things while out on the town. With Time Warner Cable you truly do get convenience.

With Time Warner Cable watching television becomes an event and much more than just standard cable. The activity of enjoying your favorite shows is interactive and enhanced so that you truly do get a completely different and much more sophisticated entertainment experience. You have probably never seen television the way you will with Time Warner Cable.

Enjoy every single sporting event, show, and movie you love and want to see with On Demand. Through On Demand you will even be able to watch these programs on your very own schedule. With Time Warner Cable in NYC you will have the option of enjoying the latest in 3D TV programming technology. TWC stays ahead of the times and up-to-date on the latest advancements so that you will have only the very best.

One of the many features you will be able to utilize with Time Warner Cable is Enhanced TV. Enhanced TV has multiple options to enhance your television experience, one of which is called Start Over. This option works by returning you to the very beginning of a program and it can be extremely useful, making your life easier than you believed possible. Of course there is also the DVR which gives you even more control over your entertainment experience by giving you options to pause, rewind, fast forward, and record so you can watch your favorite shows on your own time. HDTV is another fantastic feature that Time Warner Cable brings to you.

In the old days of television people had to try to schedule in their favorite shows and sometimes you just missed them because other things got in the way. Now that is a thing of the past. Even if it is live TV you will have the power of using fast forward, rewind, and pause. This makes it so that you will never have to miss a single moment of TV again. It is easy to forget to record a show you want to see, but with the Remote DVR Manager that is no longer an issue.

With the Remote DVR Manager you will be able to use your mobile device or laptop in order to program your DVR so you can even set your DVR away from home. The future is now with Time Warner Cable and HDTV that brings you fantastic sound and vivid picture quality.

In the fast paced world of today you need a reliable technology partner, and that is Time Warner Cable. They will give you the best in industry-leading products and services and make your TV-watching experience enjoyable and easy. Time Warner Cable has fantastic deals going on this month that you should check out. Switch to Time Warner Cable in NYC to see how much you’ve been missing. 

internet provider 3

How to Pick the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area

Internet is a pivotal part of society in our current day and age. It is vital for most businesses and students, but it can come in useful for anyone. The Internet is there for educational purposes, entertainment use, and of course it can also be very handy for those who have jobs which require web access. Virtually all students need to have Internet at home in order to do many assignments. It also makes studying much easier. Entertainment and even communication are most commonly tapped into via the Internet on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Netflix, and of course email itself.

Obviously having a good Internet provider is important when virtually everyone in the modern day uses Internet to one degree or another—even if they do not use it very much or very often. Having a good provider also means that all of your needs are taken care of and you have less worries and concerns to deal with. It is important to note that just because a provider is the most well-known or popular it does not mean it will be the best for you. Everything comes down to a couple of varying factors—primarily your unique needs and your location.

internet provider 2

Of course before you start narrowing down your list of providers you must first determine which services are available to you. See what options you can receive in your own area and from there you can start comparing. One good way to find out what’s around is to ask your neighbors what they use. Although their service provider may not be the same thing you want it might give you some ideas.

After you have accumulated some name in your area you can start asking yourself what you need from a service provider. There are a few key points to focus on; one of them is usage limit. There may be penalties for going beyond the usage limit. This will be of more or less importance depending on what your Internet needs are. Keep in mind that streaming videos online tends to push the limit more than other things.

You will have to look at pricing, of course, which includes more than just the Internet package itself. You will also be paying for equipment and other expenses. The good news is that some Internet providers also throw in some nice freebees. Collect information about different providers when it comes to prices.

Another important aspect is connection speed. Generally the faster your Internet the more you will have to pay—but that is worth the cost to many individuals. Streaming videos tends to require fast Internet connection but if you just want to be able to email friends and family or occasionally browse the web you won’t likely need it to be very fast.

internet provider

Many people don’t think too seriously about customer service, but if you want the best Internet service provider, customer service is usually an important aspect to consider as well. Problems pop up with most providers but having good customer service is what enables you to get the issue resolved quickly and efficiently. 


Is Traditional TV On the Verge of Disappearing?


With new services trying to emulate Netflix and Hulu popping up every day, it may seem like traditional satellite and cable TV is becoming obsolete, but is it? Millions of Americans have said they want to switch from traditional TV to on-demand streaming, but very few actually have. This has made many researchers beg the question, what’s stopping them?

Selection. That is one thing that services like Hulu don’t have compared to the traditional method that gives you hundreds of channels that are constantly playing shows and movies 24/7, non-stop. No matter how many shows Hulu and Netflix get to sign-on to their service, it comes with two consequences: adding cost for customers and delayed playing times.

While Hulu is doing pretty well when it comes to keeping up with the release dates of some new shows (about a week delay typically), the selection is still slim, and other services are doing even worse. Netflix was the pioneer in video-on-demand streaming services, they brought millions of customers into the industry with a $9.99/month subscription.

While Netflix originally started pushing itself with on-demand movies, as more citizens announce they want to cut the cords and get away from the traditional TV, competitors have begun to spring up. All of the competition has led to a great push within Netflix’s headquarters to get more TV shows and new releases onto their service, but they aren’t fairing too well. While Netflix has managed to gain nearly 60 million subscribers, current users still frequently disregard them due to their outdated selection of TV shows and movies (and lack of variety).


Obviously, on-demand streaming services have to find a balance between new releases and classics while keeping their prices low and selection wide. This is tougher than it seems, and new companies are still trying to find a way to fill the gap. With this being such an issue, why do so many Americans keep trying to get away from traditional TV?

Cost. Since the beginning of the 21st –century, traditional TV subscribers have complained about the cost of cable and satellite. But, this obviously wasn’t an issue until a few years ago when sites like YouTube began to find their way into the world of TV and movies. Before, traditional TV was the staple for in-home entertainment. If you didn’t like what was on, you rented a movie or went to the theaters. With the up rising of digital and on-demand streaming, the market changes drastically, and pretty instantly, too.

It wasn’t long before people began to realize that on-demand services could be incredibly profitable, and then services like Netflix began. Subscribers saw the convenience of the “watch whatever you want, whenever you want” model and quickly jumped on board. The less than $10/month fee wasn’t bad, either.

But, today, in the world of instant movies and on-demand television, people are becoming pickier about selection while still demanding a low-cost. This is something traditional TV providers have been doing their best to achieve for years. Obviously, especially in today’s market, traditional TV providers are having to lower their prices as much as possible while broadening their packages and doing their best to adapt to the digital world. While companies are attempting to stay on top of things, is the market leaving traditional TV behind?

The short answer: no. There are still billions of traditional TV subscribers, and while many say they want to make the switch, two problems still haven’t been solved: cost and selection. Until those two things are balanced within the world of video-on-demand services, there’s a good chance traditional TV users will stay right where they are: in an area where they can get a good deal from their cable/satellite company without sacrificing the hundreds of channels available at their fingertips.


While it’s true Netflix has nearly sixty million users, researchers have revealed that the majority of those users are also subscribed to other on-demand services, and many are still traditional TV subscribers. While on-demand television has proven to be convenient and extremely profitable, it’s very unlikely that traditional TV users will be ditching the industry anytime soon.

In fact, it’s much more likely that both the traditional TV and on-demand TV industries will continue to grow, not separately, but as a compliment to one-another. Since traditional TV began, it has been the perfect way to discover new shows, enjoy your favorite series, and have fun with the family. On-demand services have brought similar benefits (with less selection) and also allow you to sit down and watch a classic movie, older TV show, or even your favorite Netflix (or Hulu) original with the family whenever and wherever.

Either one of these solutions can fit the needs of American families, but it’s more likely that instead of progressing separately, TV-lovers will continue to enjoy both services together. Doing so gives you the convenience of on-demand movies and the wide selection of traditional TV.


Agent Carter

Set in the 1940s, Agent Carter follows Peggy (Hayley Atwell), an agent refined to secretarial duties, who often work s in secret with Howard Stark. The show frequently expresses the unfair treatment of women during the time while showing resilient Agent Carter managing to excel in the harsh professional environment (usually with snide remarks).

The action-packed and adventurous sci-fi show was crafted by Marvel and has received great ratings from fans since its beginning. Hayley Atwell, who plays Agent Carter in the series, originally premiered as the same character in the Captain America series. Agent Carter is set in the period after Captain America’s death.

Starring alongside Hayley Atwell is James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Dominic Cooper, and many others. Topping out at 6.9 million viewers, Agent Carter has been one of the most successful shows on ABC. Only in its first season, the show is already set to renew with the next set of episodes coming in 2016.

Along with Agent Carter, Hayley also makes appearances in the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as the same Peggy Carter character. The continuance of the cast throughout multiple films and shows is perhaps what gets fans so connected with the characters, and there is no doubt of Marvel’s success. Recently, Marvel has been launching many series based on their much-loved comic book characters. Already out is Flash, which has had much success on the CW. Netflix also took the chance to produce their own Marvel series starring Daredevil which is now in its first season.agent-carter-2

Even with some critics downing the show, ratings have stayed rather steady and fans continue to rave about the series. While the show was based in New York for season one, announcements have been officially made that the show will be moving to L.A., and apparently, so will Peggy, as in a recent interview with the English actor, Hayley announced she would be officially moving to the new city in order to shoot the second season.

Hayley Atwell has been successfully able to pick up her role as Agent Carter throughout multiple series over the years, perhaps because she takes the chance to practice at home. Hayley admitted that she sometimes took her character’s clothing with her to wear while out-and-about on the streets, and she even showed proof that her driver’s license photo depicts her in Carter’s outfit.

Her devotion to the role shows well in the series, and even with the high-action stunts and sometimes dramatic scenes, Hayley tends to bring a confident, slightly sarcastic, and rather humorous part to every episode.

But, fans of the show are slightly fearful after news of the second season came about. While the change to L.A. will bring many possibilities for Carter, only Hayley has been confirmed in the second season, meaning there is a chance Carter’s friends and colleagues may not be moving with her. While little premise has so far been given for the dramatic change, fans are hoping that the show will at least manage to mix in Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) into the L.A. storyline.

While fans of the show remain hopeful for their favorite characters (only second to Peggy), critics have continued emphasizing the slight drop in ratings that has occurred in the last leg of the first season. Agent Carter’s premiere seemed promising, but multiple sources have now reported that the show has dropped in ratings. But, ABC has continuously stood by the series, and it’s ranked third in its time slot.

It seems people who do like the show, tend to really love the show, as many have expressed on various websites. RottenTomatoes.com users have given the show an extremely “fresh” 97%, with 88% saying they liked it. Reviewers all agreed, its Carter’s personality – and the fact that she defies all stereotypes of the time – that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Those on other sites had similar things to say, with IMDb users giving it 8.3/10, and Metacritic users rating it 7.9/10.agent-carter

With all of the changes and plans in place for the second season, there’s a good chance ratings will rise yet again as viewers will get to follow Peggy to a new city with a new mission, and possible a new set of co-stars.

Fans are continuing their support of the show, with many adding in their hope that the cast will stay the same, at least as much as possible. Hayley has yet to reveal any real details about the second season, but she, too, has admitted her hope that her fellow co-stars will be able to follow her into Peggy’s new city, even if they only get to make brief appearances.

Until the second season comes, Carter’s fans will just have to wait and see. Make sure you are using a reliable television provider so that you don’t miss any episodes.

rhea shehorn

Rhea Seehorn

Rhea Seehorn is an American comedienne and actress, who presently stars as Kim Wexler in AMC’s hit Television series Better Call Saul. Rhea is a popular Hollywood actress best known for her roles as Cheri Young in ABC’s I’m with Her and as Roxanne Harris in NBC’s Whitney.


Rhea was born in May 12, 1972, and has spent a major part of her childhood in Virginia Beach. Growing up, she relocated a number of times and stayed in diverse locations such as Japan, Washington D.C., and Arizona, among others. From a very young age, she studied painting and drawing, following in the footsteps of her father and grandmother. Although she continued her interests in Visual Arts, she secretly harbored an ever-increasing passion for acting in movies and theater. However, she did not know as to how to turn her acting dreams into reality, and lucky for her, she was introduced to contemporary theater in college. It is here that she learned of the acting classes being offered.

Initially, while at college, she was hesitant about enrolling in the acting classes, wondering if it was the right path for her. It was during this time that her father passed away. Before his death, in his last words, he encouraged his daughter to pursue a career of her choice. It was all the encouragement she needed and later, graduated with a degree in drama and visual arts. She put her acting degree to good use, landed her first roles in Washington, D.C. and performed on multiple stages, including the Arena Stage and the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company.

However, Rhea wanted more and better roles for herself by now. For this reason, she moved to Manhattan and performed with Playwrights Horizons. Her Broadway début came with Neil Simon’s 45 Seconds from Broadway. Rhea’s acting talents in 45 Seconds from Broadway, did not go unnoticed and within no time landed her a place in the ABC sitcom, I’m with Her, as a series regular opposite Teri Polo, David Sutcliffe and Danny Comden.


Seehorn relocated to Los Angeles, and since then, there has been no stopping her. She has enjoyed numerous series regular as well as guest star roles including The Starter Wife, Trust Me, Dollhouse, Head Cases, Burn Notice and Franklin & Bash. She even appeared in Disney’s The Shaggy Dog alongside Tim Allen. Seehorn’s movie credits include the likes of Riders (2001) and Floating (1997), and also independent short movies – The Pitch, The Gentlemen and The Case Against Karen. As far back as 1997, she had guest-starred in one of the episodes of the NBC TV series, Homicide: Life on the Street. More recently in 2005, she starred in the ABC telefilm Romy and Michele: In the Beginning. Some of the theater gigs to her credit are The World Over, All My Sons, Stop Kiss, How I Learned to Drive, Freedomland and Marat/Sade.

Presently she plays the role of leading lady Kim Wexler, an ambitious legal eagle and love interest of Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman. The two have a romantic history together, but that clearly does not stop her from slowly outpacing him professionally.

Thorn is currently not involved in a relationship with anyone. Despite her popularity, she has managed to keep a low profile and hence, no information is available regarding her previous affairs. What is known, is that she has been slowly paddling her way up the stream and is already worth millions. With Better Call Saul, she has finally received a much-awaited opportunity to truly make it big in the show business. Check out the entertainment options available at https://www.cannonsatellitetv.com/dish-network-packages-.html.


Things You Didn’t Know About Backstrom

Backstrom is an American crime comedy-drama television series developed by Hart Hanson based on the Swedish book series by Leif G. W. Persson. Set in Portland, Oregon, the series premiered on January 22, 2015. The season’s finale will air on April 30 of this year.

The series follows Everett Backstrom, a Portland Police Bureau detective lieutenant played by Rainn Wilson. He’s described as “overweight, offensive and irascible” in the show, and constantly struggles with his self-destructive tendencies. He’s part of a team of eccentric criminologists.

Despite The Show‘s impressive cast, Backstrom has received generally mixed reviews that teeter on negative. Metacritic has given the show a score of 51 out of 100 based on 30 critics, indicating mixed to average reviews overall. Similarly, Backstrom holds a rating of 36% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on an average critic review of 4.9 out of 10 on the site. The site’s consensus was that “Backstrom’s stale cop humor is a cop-out, availed little by the talented cast’s attempt to make good of sloppy schtick.”backstrom

Some critics have pointed out that audiences may be unable to remove themselves from the idea of Dwight Schrute, Wilson’s previous character on The Office. Unlike Schrute, Backstrom is a slovenly detective of sorts, more like the irritable, genius aspects of Sherlock Holms than anything else, and as far away from his previous character as Pluto is from the sun.

The fact of the matter, Backstrom isn’t someone most audiences will like. Even the most charitable audiences will find him irritating at best. But that’s his entire appeal, in so many words. He’s unbearable, self-absorbed and self-destructive, much the same as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. House were, but in this case, he’s police detective. Like his predecessors, he’s trying to do some good in the world, begrudgingly so, but only because it’s something he wants to do at that moment.

Drawing comparison again to House, Backstrom serves as the voice in the back of everyone’s head that says things inside that would be wholly inappropriate to say aloud. But Backstrom doesn’t have a filter, or he doesn’t care enough to, and lets free whatever thoughts may be inside of his head at that moment, and you can guarantee there’s at least a dozen.

Robert Lloyd, a journalist for the Lost Angeles Times and frequent Metacritic reviewer, also compared Backstrom to Dr. House, stating, “s with the pill-popping Dr. House, a fellow Fox television character Backstrom favors a bit, we are meant to be something less than actually concerned by his behavior. When he chugs two boilermakers in rapid succession, it is played mostly for laughs — nervous laughs, but laughs.”backstrom-2

Similar to the creator’s previous show, Bones, which held a host of interesting and vibrant characters, Backstrom’s supporting cast is a whacky collection of the most varied human beings under one roof. From church owner to mixed martial artist, this Oregon Police Department team is just as interesting as their leading grouch.

To catch the latest episodes of Backstrom, tune in to FOX on Thursdays at 8 p.m. Central. Click here to find other television and web entertainment opportunities.

The Very Best Opera Performances on PBS’ Great Performances


PBS’s Great Performances is a television series that is dedicated to bringing cultural arts to people’s televisions, free of charge. Each episode of Great Performances features a professionally filmed program—typically, stage productions such as ballet productions, musicals, plays and operas are performed.pbs-opera-arts-festival

There have been many excellent episodes of Great Performances in the past and the show is immensely popular due to its accessibility for those who, for one reason or another, may not be able to see many live stage productions. Many people tune into the show to catch productions of operas, both classic and modern; there are some opera productions on the show that stand out from others. The following are the very best of the operas aired on Great Performances.

Doctor Atomic
When most people think about opera, they think about classic love stories or tragedies (or both!). Doctor Atomic breaks the mold by being an opera about the creation of the atomic bomb. The opera, written by American composer John Adams, is an English-language show whose story leads up to the very first testing of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos. The Great Performances production features grand performances that capture the lush, but unusual, score of the show—including the intense ‘Batter My Heart’ number, which is the true highlight of the production.

Doctor Atomic, while not traditional opera, will have audiences thinking—not just about the story they’ve witnessed, but about the atomic bomb, the nature of using science to create such weapons, and the impact they have had on society.


Anna Bolena
The Great Performances ‘Anna Bolena’ is a more traditional production, this time about the famous wife of Henry VIII who found herself beheaded on trumped up charges of treason after she displeased the king one too many times. This production is a true classic: the costumes are more or less period appropriate, the sets are simple but authentic, and the performances are soaring and suited to the richer, traditional score of the opera. Another excellent aspect of this production is the editing done for the filmed Great Performances episode; the editing manages to capture the drama and tension in the show perfectly.

Fans of older operas will likely enjoy this production the most, although opera lovers who enjoy history—especially the Turbulent history of Henry VIII—may also get something great out of the production.


Are you a PBS fan and love opera?Here is some helpful info about how to keep the entertainment interesting in your home.

2 Things the Dead’s “Self Help” Did Right


Self Help was the episode that fans of the Walking Dead comic book series have been waiting for since season 4—the moment when Eugene, who claimed to be a government scientist with a top-secret cure for the walker virus, would be exposed as a fraud. And the episode, although it did have its downsides, did not fail to deliver in terms of character development, tension and surprises. The following are two significant things that Self Help definitely did right!

It managed to inject some humor back into the show

It’s obvious that a show like The Walking Dead isn’t going to be a barrel of laughs; the storyline is often just too dark to allow for more frequent comedic moments in the same way that other dramas, such as Mad Men or even Breaking Bad, can. Self Help, however, found just the right moments for comedy that didn’t seem out of place or ridiculously forced. In the bus scene, for example, the good-natured ribbing about Eugene’s mullet (or, as he called it, his Tennessee Tophat) brought some light banter that was a perfect foil to the darker aspects of the episode. Another great example is the group’s reaction when Eugene takes out a group of walkers with a high-pressure firehouse—Abraham’s laughter and Glenn’s face were nothing but priceless.walking-dead-self-help

It took the time to explore the characters without dragging the plot
The Walking Dead often excels at moments where the plot is put on the sidelines for character development or explanation. Unfortunately, the show also has the tendency for these moments—which in some cases span entire episodes—to drag on for far too long. But despite the fact that not too much actually happened in the span of Self Help, the episode never felt slow paced and the nuances we got to see developing in the group’s roles—such as Tara’s speech to Eugene and Glenn’s moment with Abraham or even Abraham and Rosita’s intimate embrace —fell right into place.walking-dead-self-help-lol

We also learned more about the past of the ‘leader’ of this sectioned group, Abraham; not only did we get to see the moment that Eugene first told the big lie that sent him packing towards Washington D.C., we also got to see a much less righteous side of Abraham that was a shocking contrast to his normally orderly, almost professional behavior.

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip is best known as a heartwarming film starring a young Frankie Muniez. The film was based on a memoir of the same name by Willie Morris, which covered Morris’s youth in Mississippi and his experiences raising Skip, his beloved pet dog. The film was a modest success in the box office and received mild critical praise, particularly for performances by its younger cast. The following are some interesting things that you (probably!) didn’t know about My Dog Skip, the original memoir, and the dog that inspired them both.

Skip was really a Fox Terrier

In the film, Skip is portrayed by several different Jack Russell terriers. In reality, however, Skip was a Fox Terrier. The decision to use Jack Russell terriers may have been made because they are easier to train for film work.

Skip was portrayed by several dogs in the film, including two famous dogs

Several dogs were used to portray Skip in the film, including two famous Hollywood dogs: Moose and his son, Enzo. Moose typically played Skip in the scenes where he was older, while Enzo portrayed the younger and more energetic Skip. Moose and Enzo are both most well known for their role as Eddie on the hit series, Frasier. Moose died in 2006, while Enzo died in 2010 from cancer–only one day after the fourth anniversary of his father’s death.

Enzo was the stand-out on the set of My Dog Skip

Although both Moose and Enzo portrayed Skip in the film, it was Enzo who received special praise from the show’s creative team. The director noted in an interview that he wished he could work “with actors who were as well prepared as Skip … there was not a [trick] we asked the dog to do that he wasn’t able to do.”

Willie Morris never saw the final film

Willie Morris, who was consulted for the production of the film, suffered a heart attack shortly after the film was finished. Willie was able to see an early screening of the film, which he praised, but the author unfortunately died on August 2nd, 1999, several days after seeing his memoir on the big screen.

Moose appeared in a national ad campaign

Moose, one of the two most famous dogs to portray Skip in the film, was the star of a national ad campaign for the Coach Fashion Company.


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