Looking For a Good Streaming Service? Here Are Your Options

Streaming services have become a preferred choice of entertainment for many of us. They are no more an add-on to cable entertainment, but a replacement for cable TV. There are more streaming services in the market today than you probably know. That is not necessarily a bad thing, because not all of them are worth knowing. So, which of them are worth knowing? Here is a list for you to consider.


This is one of the biggest names in the video streaming business. YouTube is a free streaming service on which anyone can watch online videos. There is a lot of good and original content created by YouTubers and it can only be found on this site. However, it is not the best option if you want to follow TV shows or watch movies. There is a paid version of the service that goes by the name of YouTube Red  Here you can find a lot of premium content and rent some of the content that you like.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon backs this service and that says a lot about its quality. This streaming service entered the industry a little late, but it built its content library pretty quickly. There are tens of thousands of videos in the content library for you to enjoy. Moreover, subscribers also get access to a lot of cool Prime benefits. These include a free Kindle books, Amazon Music, free 2-day shipping, and so on.

Amazon Prime Instant Video was earlier only available with an annual subscription of $99. Because all of its competitors were offering a monthly plan as well, which is more flexible, the service also came out with one. Consumers can now pay $10.99 for a monthly subscription of Amazon Prime Instant Video.


This is the service that is at the top of the streaming game today. Surely, you would be making a good decision if you went ahead with it. Netflix offers an excellent selection of movies that are constantly updated. You will not always find recent releases, but you will find some good titles there. The number of TV shows, however, is not that impressive, but it is alright. That being said, Netflix more than makes up for it by offering an exceptional array of original programming. It includes gems like Narcos, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Stranger Things, and so on.

In fact, over the past few years, Netflix has decluttered its library to make space for more and more original programming. Its budgets are ballooning and it is producing high quality shows, which are exclusively available on the platform.

Netflix offers three monthly subscription packs called Basic, Standard, and Premium. The basic plan is the cheapest at $7.99 a month, and offers only one standard definition stream. The standard plan can be yours for just $9.99 a month and offers two simultaneous HD streams. The premium plan is the most expensive and costs a monthly rental $11.99 with which you get 4 UHD streams at the same time.


Sling TV

Sling TV belongs to a new crop of streaming services. It does not have a content library for you to pick videos from. Instead, Sling TV’s proposition is to offer you all the experience of live cable television, minus the hassles and costs that come with it. When you subscribe for Sling TV, you are basically getting a cable connection without any of the binding paperwork or the cable itself. All you get is the convenience of watching your favorite network shows on the device of your choice from anywhere you like.

Though Sling TV is way cheaper than a cable subscription, it is on the expensive side when you compare it with other streaming services. The cheapest plan you get with Sling TV is a $20 monthly pack that includes 28 channels and on-demand content. This plan is named Sling Orange. Then, there is Sling Blue, which can be yours for $25 a month subscription fee and you will get a little over 40 channels and of course, the on-demand content. The highest plan in the lineup is the Sling Orange+Blue plan with a monthly fee of $40 and 60+ channels on offer.

Hulu Plus

This one is another big player in the streaming market and is backed by bigwigs like The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, Comcast, and Time Warner. Hulu Plus is a TV show lover’s delight, because it has one awesome library of shows. It’s not really surprising when you take a look at Hulu’s list of promoters. They are the same companies which own some of the major cable networks in the country. So, if you want to watch cable shows via a streaming service, Hulu Plus should be your thing.

The movie library with Hulu Plus is decent as well, but it is nothing compared to its TV show collection. You will find a TV show on Hulu Plus just hours after its airing on cable TV. The one big complaint that people have with Hulu is the number of commercials that the subscribers have to sit through.

There are two paid plans that are available to the customers. The first one is the $7.99 monthly subscription pack, which is the cheapest monthly plan offered by any streaming service. This one is also called the limited commercials plan, because it has little less ads than the free version. But, there is a no-commercials plan that delivers what it promises for just $11.99 per month.


PlayStation Vue

From the house of Sony, PlayStation Vue’s services are similar to that of Sling TV in theory. However, PlayStation Vue is a lot more expensive than Sling TV. The service’s plans change according to the cities you are living in.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum are the Slim plans that start at $29.99 and offer 55+ channels called the Access Slim. Then there are the Core Slim and Elite Slim. While the former costs $34.99 per month, it offers 70+ channels, the latter costs $44.99 a month, and gets you more than 100 channels.

If you are in one of the Vue’s select cities, you can subscribe to the Access pack that costs $39.99 and gets you over 60 channels. The Core package here will get you 75+ channels for $40, while the Elite plan will fetch you a 100 channels for a $45 monthly subscription fee.