The Apprentice: Season One DVD Review

With Donald Trump all set to become the 45th President of the United States, his past appearances in movies and TV shows have generated sudden interest in the public. It is definitely a unique experience to watch the next leader of the free world pitching in a reality show. The Apprentice is one such show and should certainly be your first pick ahead of the swearing-in ceremony of the President-elect. For you, here is the review of the season one of the show.

Anyone who has watched the original show will notice that the DVD edition has done away with the original O’Jays’ For the Love of Money and replaced it with some pop song with no character. It is uninspiring and a letdown really.

Moving on to the actual DVD, season one of The Apprentice comes in a set of five discs. There are four episodes in discs 1 to 4 and these do not feature any extras. However, the fifth disc has two hours’ worth of extras. Of course, the fifth disc has been included as a bonus, but it can hardly be called that. It is nothing but hours of audition tapes of the 16 contestants, and the quality of the recordings is pretty bad. These are probably fourth or fifth reproductions and that has really ruined the quality of the content. But, the boring stuff is not over yet. This disc also includes interviews with the show’s host and executive producer, Donald Trump. Not only this, it also includes interviews with Trump’s two executives, George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher, who supervise the candidate during the entire show.

As if that’s not discouraging enough, the lucky buyers get a copy of music video for the horrible theme song. All in all, no one would have complained if the “bonus” fifth disc had been eliminated.

The actual show, however, is actually interesting. In fact, the show that was aired in 2004, consistently maintained high rankings, and went on to become the most successful new show that year. The show was basically a 13-week selection process, at the end of which one of the sixteen candidates would get a job offer as the President of one of the many businesses of the Trump Empire and a six-figure salary. It was not touted as a run up to the job, but a chance for the winner to become Trump’s apprentice and eventually, bud out to become a billionaire himself or herself. The cast of the show, as is with any reality show, was to bring together as many Type A personalities together to stir up enough drama. And it did not disappoint.

In a nutshell, The Apprentice was a fun watch and the DVD will deliver just that. However, do not get too excited about the extras. The image quality of the actual show is good and it can be seen in full frame. The Dolby 2.0 audio works fine, although it is not exceptional. The one glaring miss that you might notice is the absence of a commentary track, which is kind of disappointing.

But, the show itself is entertaining and if you are into reality shows, then it is a recommended watch. If you sign up for high speed Internet service, you can also watch many episodes of The Apprentice online.