What is the ESTA USA authorization ?

You are about to travel to the United States during your next vacation. But in the preparation of this trip, you have been subject to the ESTA authorization requirement. Not knowing what it is, you doubt the effectiveness of your trip. Well, discover in this content, what is the ESTA USA authorization, in order to prepare it for your trip.

What is the ESTA USA authorization?

The ESTA is an abbreviation of the expression, Electronic System for Travel Authorization. In fact, the ESTA USA is not a physical document, but an electronic authorization that gives you access to the United States. In other words, the ESTA USA is an electronic passport without which you cannot travel to the United States. Its requirement or mandatory application comes from the security measures taken by the United States, in order to control the entry and exit of their land. Also, this measure allows them to refuse undesirable people on American soil. You should also know that the ESTA USA only grants you the right to stay. You cannot possess it and work there.

Period of validity of the ESTA USA authorization

The ESTA USA authorization is valid for two full years. The period of validity starts from the day it is issued. After the validity period, you will no longer be admitted to the United States with it. Better yet, you must renew it every two years in order to keep its validity. Otherwise, you will be denied travel to the United States. However, while the ESTA USA authorization is still valid, you are granted an unlimited number of trips. Whether it is for business or pleasure.

Requirements for ESTA USA

It is not enough to register on the ESTA USA authorization platform to be sure of a trip to the USA. This ESTA authorization is intrinsically linked to the presentation of a certificate approving your vaccination against covid-19. Also, you must have a return ticket with you, proving your short stay in the United States. If you do not come from an undesirable country and meet these conditions, your stay in the United States will be peaceful.

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