4 ways how to protect and secure your website

With the increase in online attacks, as well as the various DDoS attacks that exist today, protecting your website has become very important. In fact, these online attacks or DDoS attacks are carried out by hackers or cybercriminals who seek to steal information or money. They are able to carry out these malicious acts by simply paralyzing your website, saturating servers with a large number of requests. In this article, you will discover four ways to protect and secure your website.

Install an SSL certificate

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a form of encryption used to establish a secure connection between web servers and web browsers. If you own a website and want to secure it against different types of online attacks, don't hesitate to use DDoS Protection. These web servers and web browsers rely on the SSL certificate to allow users to protect and secure their domain during transmission. 
Thus, during this transmission, an encrypted channel is created to encrypt your communication over the internet. It is also a certificate capable of protecting your personal information such as your username, password, and credit card data from hackers. Additionally, SSL certificates ensure a more secure online experience for site visitors. They also expand server security beyond HTTPS for your publicly accessible web page.

Using a next-generation firewall

A Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a software that blocks unauthorized connections to certain applications. It also allows for the blocking of certain file types, malicious transfers, and IP addresses. These firewalls are also capable of analyzing, controlling, and filtering network traffic at the application layer.  
This can alert website administrators of intrusion attempts. They also remain an effective way to protect your website from denial of service attacks that could lead to downtime. This helps to avoid damaging your company's reputation. It is recommended to use a modern firewall because it is a network security device that combines the different functionalities of a traditional firewall.

Make backups and use a CDN

Regular backups are necessary if you truly want to protect your website. In the event of unexpected attacks or website malfunctions, regular backups will allow you to restore your website to a previous version. It is therefore necessary to make backup copies of your website on an external hard drive to ensure protection against hacks. 
Additionally, regarding Content Delivery Networks (CDN), they are networks of servers that distribute static files. A CDN can also help you improve the speed and reduce resource usage of your site. It also ensures fast deployment of static content by serving it from the location closest to your visitors. CDNs distribute traffic load across multiple servers, which helps mitigate the effects of DDoS attacks.

Exploiting strong passwords and a DDoS protection service

Passwords are often the first line of defense against online attacks. So, you should use strong passwords to protect your website with confidence. These strong passwords should consist of letters, numbers and special characters that should be difficult to guess. Also, avoid using the same password for different accounts because if a hacker manages to discover your password, he can access all your accounts. 
In addition, DDoS protection services are services that allow you to protect your website against DDoS attacks. These services can help you block malicious traffic in real time through advanced filtering techniques. Similarly, DDoS protection services can provide you with detailed reports on DDoS attacks.

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